Capturing flexible correlations in multiple-discrete choice outcomes using copulas

By Kim Chul, Jun Duk Bin, and Park Sungho
International Journal of Research in Marketing (2018)

  • Chul Kim

    Baruch College, CUNY


  • Duk Bin Jun

  • Sungho Park


December 13, 2017

Last update

December 14, 2017


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The R code helps you estimate the proposed models. Also, you can reproduce Tables 3 -5 from the main article with the simulated data. Copula_Estimation_Upload_revise_final_submit: simulation code beta_i_all: true parameter of individual beta (beta i) tau_i_all: true parameter of individual tau (tau i) theta_i_all: true parameter of individual theta (theta i) X_all: covariate matrix X YQ_all: outcome matrix (Y and Q) Z_all: covariate matrix Z

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