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Companion websites

Meaningful Spatial Prediction and Aggregation

Environmental Modelling and Software (2014)

Stasch Christoph, Pebesma Edzer, Scheider Simon, and Kuhn Werner

The Worldwide Count of Priority Patents: A New Indicator of Inventive Activity

Research Policy (2013)

de Rassenfosse Gaetan, Dernis Helene, Picci Lucio, Guellec Dominique, and van Pottelsberghe Bruno

An Introduction to the Patstat Database with Example Queries

SSRN (2014)

de Rassenfosse Gaetan, Dernis Helene, and Boedt Geert


Zip Archive




Estimating the evidence of replicability in "omics" research from follow-up studies

Working Paper (2013)

Heller Ruth, Bogomolov Marina, and Yoav Benjamini

Consistent distribution-free tests of association between univariate random variables

arXiv (2014)

Heller Ruth, Heller Yair, Kaufman Shachar, and Gorfine Malka

Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Discretely Sampled Diffusions: A Closed-Form Approximation Approach

Econometrica (2002)

Ait-Sahalia Yacine

Tests of Conditional Predictive Ability

Econometrica (2006)

White Halbert and Giacomini Raffaella

Testing for Granger Non-causality in Heterogeneous Panels

Economic Modelling (2012)

Dumitrescu Elena-Ivona and Hurlin Christophe

How to Forecast Long-Run Volatility: Regime Switching and the Estimation of Multifractal Processes

Journal of Financial Econometrics (2004)

Calvet Laurent E. and Fisher Adlai J.