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Companion websites

Estimating cardiac contraction through high resolution data assimilation of a personalized mechanical model

Journal of Computational Science (2017)

Finsberg Henrik, Balaban Gabriel, Ross Stian, Håland Trine F, Odland Hans Henrik, Sundnes Joakim, and Wall Samuel

Robust Optimal Experimental Design for Integer-Valued Design Spaces: A Case Study in Functional Response Experiments

Working Paper (2017)

Drovandi Christopher and Zhang Jeff

Accelerating Pseudo-Marginal MCMC using Gaussian Processes

Working Paper (2017)

Drovandi Christopher, Boys Richard, and Moores Matthew

Algorithmic subtraction of high peaks in NMR spectra

Chemical Physics Letters (2006)

Lee Jae-Seung and Khitrin Anatoly

Empirical generalizations on the impact of stars on the economic success of movies

International Journal of Research in Marketing (2017)

Hofmann Julian, Clement Michel, Völckner Franziska, and Hennig-Thurau Thorsten

How Does the Stock Market Absorb Shocks?

SSRN (2017)

Frank Murray and Sanati Ali

Fast Low-Rank Empirical Cross Gramians

Working Paper (2017)

Himpe Christian, Leibner Tobias, Rave Stephan, and Saak Jens

Threshold Effects in the Public Capital Productivity: AnInternational Panel Smooth Transition Approach

IDEAS (2006)

Hurlin Christophe and Colletaz Gilbert

The Feldstein-Horioka Puzzle: a Panel Smooth Transition Regression Approach'

Economic Modelling (2008)

Hurlin Christophe, Rabaud Isabelle, and Fouquau Julien