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Companion websites

Vaccination against varicella as post-exposure prophylaxis in adults: a quantitative assessment

Vaccine (2014)

Souty Cécile, Boos Evelyne, Turbelin Clément, Blanchon Thierry, Hanslik Thomas, and Boëlle Pierre-Yves

A note on implementing the Durbin and Koopman simulation smoother

MPRA (2014)

Jarocinski Marek

A note on Bayesian logistic regression for spatial exponential family Gibbs point processes

Working Paper (2014)

Rajala Tuomas

Implied Risk Exposures

Review of Finance (2014)

Perignon Christophe, Hurlin Christophe, and Benoit Sylvain

LCS Tool: A Computational Platform for Lagrangian Coherent Structures

Journal of Computational Science (2014)

Onu Kristjan, Huhn Florian, and Haller George

The Effect of Customer Empowerment on Adherence to Expert Advice

International Journal of Research in Marketing (2014)

De Jong Martijn, Camacho Nuno, and Stremersch Stefan

Sampling, Discounts or Pay-What-You-Want: Two Field Experiments

International Journal of Research in Marketing (2014)

Kim Ju-Young, Natter Martin, and Spann Martin


Zip Archive




Meta-analysis selection bias in marketing research

International Journal of Research in Marketing (2014)

Eisend Martin and Tarrahi Farid

Consumer Participation in the Design and Realization Stages of Production: How Self-Production Shapes Consumer Evaluations and Relationships to Products

International Journal of Research in Marketing (2014)

Sinem Atakan S., Bagozzi Richard, and Yoon Carolyn