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Companion websites

Pathfinding and resource allocation with GHOST

HAL (2015)


Disagreement versus Uncertainty: Evidence from Distribution Forecasts

Journal of Banking and Finance (2015)

Krüger Fabian and Nolte Ingmar

Sensitivity and specificity of information criteria

Working Paper (2012)

Dziak John J., Coffman Donna, Lanza Stephanie, and Li Runze


Zip Archive




Heterogeneity and the Effect of Mental Health Parity Mandates on the Labor Market

Working Paper (2015)

Andersen Martin

Investment and the Weighted Average Cost of Capital

SSRN (2015)

Frank Murray and Shen Tao

On Selection of Statistics for Approximate Bayesian Computing (or the Method of Simulated Moments)

Computational Statistics and Data Analysis (2015)

Creel Michael and Kristensen Dennis

The Effects of Focal Points and the Strategic Environment on Nominal Price Inertia

Working Paper (2015)

Winn Abel

Strategic performance effects of misaligned formal contracting: The mediating role of relational contracting

International Journal of Research in Marketing (2015)

Sande Jon Bingen and Haugland Sven A.

The Empirical Cross Gramian for Parametrized Nonlinear Systems

Working Paper (2015)

Himpe Christian and Ohlberger Mario