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Companion websites

Heterogeneity and the Effect of Mental Health Parity Mandates on the Labor Market

Working Paper (2015)

Andersen Martin

On Selection of Statistics for Approximate Bayesian Computing (or the Method of Simulated Moments)

Working Paper (2015)

Creel Michael and Kristensen Dennis

The Effects of Focal Points and the Strategic Environment on Nominal Price Inertia

Working Paper (2015)

Winn Abel

Strategic performance effects of misaligned formal contracting: The mediating role of relational contracting

International Journal of Research in Marketing (2015)

Haugland Sven A. and Sande Jon Bingen

The Empirical Cross Gramian for Parametrized Nonlinear Systems

Working Paper (2015)

Himpe Christian and Ohlberger Mario

A Note on the Cross Gramian for Non-Symmetric Systems

Working Paper (2015)

Himpe Christian and Ohlberger Mario

Detailed contact data and the dissemination of Staphylococcus aureus in hospitals

PLOS Computational Biology (2015)

Obadia Thomas, Silhol Romain, Opatowski Lulla, Temime Laura, Legrand Judith, Thiébaut Anne C.M., Herrmann Jean-Louis, Fleury Éric, Guillemot Didier, and Boëlle Pierre-Yves

Backtesting Expected Shortfall: Accounting for Tail Risk

SSRN (2015)

Escanciano Juan Carlos and Du Zaichao

Vaccination against varicella as post-exposure prophylaxis in adults: a quantitative assessment

Vaccine (2014)

Souty Cécile, Boos Evelyne, Turbelin Clément, Blanchon Thierry, Hanslik Thomas, and Boëlle Pierre-Yves