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A New Nonlinear Wavelet-Based Unit Root Test with Structural Breaks

Munich Personal RePEc Archive (2019)

Aydin Mucahit

Hybrid individual- and particle-based simulation model and data on air pollutants and vertical greenery systems in the city of Yerevan, Armenia

Urban Forestry & Urban Greening (2020)

Akopov Andranik, Beklaryan Levon, and Saghatelyan Armen






Are shocks to disaggregated renewable energy consumption permanent or temporary for the USA? Wavelet based unit root test with smooth structural shifts

Energy (2020)

Aydin Mucahit

Finding the self in chance events

International Journal of Research in Marketing (2020)

Kim Aekyoung

Combined State and Parameter Reduction

Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (2014)

Himpe Christian and Ohlberger Mario

Comparing (Empirical-Gramian-Based) Model Order Reduction Algorithms

Working Paper (2020)

Himpe Christian

Statistical inference of locally stationary functional coefficient models

Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference (2020)

Ding Hao, Hu Jianhua, Liu Liangyuan, and Feng Jingyan

Stock prices, exchange rates and portfolio equity flows: A Toda-Yamamoto Panel Causality Test

Journal of Economic Studies (2019)

Andriansyah Andriansyah

A Multi-Scale Learning Local Phase and Amplitude Blind Image Quality Assessment for Multiply Distorted Images

IEEE Access (2018)

Li Chaofeng