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The potential impact of financial portability measures on mortgage refinancing: Evidence from Chile

Journal of International Money and Finance (2021)

Madeira Carlos


Zip Archive




The International Spillover Effects of US Monetary Policy Uncertainty

Journal of International Economics (2021)

Lakdawala Aeimit, Moreland Timothy, and Schaffer Matthew

The impact of the Covid public policies on the Chilean households

Applied Economics Letters (2021)

Madeira Carlos

The impact of the Covid pandemic public policies in Chile on consumption

Economía (2021)

Madeira Carlos

The effect of FOMC votes on financial markets

Review of Economics and Statistics (2019)

Madeira Carlos and Madeira Joao

Selection Combining over the Extended η-μ Fading Channels

IEEE Wireless Communications Letters (2022)

Badarneh Osamah

Reactive vaccination of workplaces and schools against COVID-19

Working Paper (2021)

Faucher Benjamin, Assab Rania, Roux Jonathan, Levy-Bruhl Daniel, Tran-Kiem Cécile, Cauchemez Simon, Zanetti Laura, Colizza Vittoria, Boëlle Pierre-Yves, and Poletto Chiara

Priorización de pago de deudas de consumo en Chile: el caso de Bancos y Casas Comerciales

Economía Chilena (2018)

Madeira Carlos

Motivaciones del Endeudamiento en las Familias Chilenas

Economía Chilena (2015)

Madeira Carlos