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Companion websites

Sustainability and Reproducibility via Containerized Computing

arXiv (2015)

Nagler Robert

Sparse and optimal acquisition design for diffusion MRI and beyond

Medical Physics (2012)

Koay Cheng Guan, Özarslan Evren, Johnson Kevin, and Meyerand Mary

Analytically exact correction scheme for signal extraction from noisy magnitude MR signals

Journal of Magnetic Resonance (2006)

Koay Cheng Guan and Basser Peter

Extremely efficient and deterministic approach to generating optimal ordering of diffusion MRI measurements

Medical Physics (2011)

Koay Cheng Guan

A simple scheme for generating nearly uniform distribution of antipodally symmetric points on the unit sphere

Journal of Computational Science (2011)

Koay Cheng Guan

Analytically exact spiral scheme for generating uniformly distributed points on the unit sphere

Journal of Computational Science (2011)

Koay Cheng Guan

An Exact Approach to Bayesian Sequential Change Point Detection

Working Paper (2015)

Ruggieri Eric and Antonellis Marcus

Parareal in Time Intermediate Targets Methods for Optimal Control Problems

International Series of Numerical Mathematics (2013)

Mohamed Kamel Riahi, Maday Yvon, and Julien salomon

Specification and Estimation of Bayesian Dynamic Factor Models: A Monte Carlo Analysis with an Application to Global House Price Comovement

Advances in Econometrics (2015)

Jackson Laura, Kose M. Ayhan, Otrok Christopher, and Owyang Michael