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Companion websites

Intergenerational Inequalities in Standards of Living in France

Economie et Statistique / Economics and Statistics (2017)

Badji Ikpidi

A hyperplanes intersection simulated annealing algorithm for maximum score estimation

SSRN (2017)

FLorios Kostas






Reproducing morphologies of disorderly self-assembling planar molecules with static and dynamic simulation methods by matching density

Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications (2017)

Bumstead Matt, Arnold Bjorn, and Turak Ayse

Tradable aggregate risk factors and the cross-section of stock returns

Working Paper (2016)

Pekkala Tapio and Doskov Nikolay

Tests for Periodicity in Short Time Series and Their Approximate Distributions

Working Paper (2016)

McLeod Angus Ian

Improving the game theoretic analysis of electricity auctions applied in medium markets

Journal of Computational Science (2016)

Zarei Mohammad and Salami Abolfazl

emgr - The Empirical Gramian Framework

Working Paper (2016)

Himpe Christian

Compensatory Word of Mouth: Advice as a Device to Restore Control

International Journal of Research in Marketing (2017)

Peluso Alessandro M., Bonezzi Andrea , De Angelis Matteo, and Rucker Derek D.


Zip Archive




Higher-order statistics for DSGE models

Econometrics and Statistics (2016)

Mutschler Willi