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Fiscal policy coordination in currency unionsat the effective lower bound

Working Paper (2018)

Müller Gernot and Hettig Thomas


Zip Archive




The Dynamics of Sovereign Debt Crises and Bailouts

Journal of International Economics (2018)

Roch Francisco

Efficient estimation of personalized biventricular mechanical function employing gradient‐basedoptimization

International Journal for Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering (2018)

Finsberg Henrik, Xi Ce, Tan Ju Le, Zhong Liang, Genet Martin, Sundnes Joakim, Lee Lik Chuan, and Wall Samuel

Testing for Granger Causality in Heterogeneous Mixed Panels

Economic Modelling (2011)

Emirmahmutoglu Furkan and Kose Nezir

A clustering approach and a rule of thumb for risk aggregation

Working Paper (2018)

Di Lascio F. Marta L., Giammusso Davide, and Puccetti Giovanni

Observing change in glacier flow from space

Frontiers for Young Minds (2018)

Altena Bas and Kääb Andreas

Simulating the roles of crevasse routing of surface water and basal friction on the surge evolution of Basin 3, Austfonna ice-cap

The Cryosphere (2018)

Gong Yongmei, Zwinger Thomas, Åström Jan, Altena Bas, Schellenberger Thomas, Gladstone Rupert, and Moore John

Instructional Manipulation Checks: A longitudinal analysis with implications for MTurk

International Journal of Research in Marketing (2018)

Paas Leonard, Dolnicar Sara, and Karlsson Logi


Zip Archive




Mode jumping MCMC for Bayesian variable selection in GLMM

Computational Statistics and Data Analysis (2018)

Storvik Geir and Hubin Aliaksandr