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Companion websites

Data-driven stabilizations of goodness-of-fit tests

Working Paper (2021)

Fernández-de-Marcos Alberto and García-Portugués Eduardo


Zip Archive




Debt Intolerance: Threshold level and composition

Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics (2022)

Matsuoka Hideaki

The impact of financial literacy on the quality of self-reported financial information

Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance (2022)

Madeira Carlos

The impact of climate change on economic output across industries in Chile

PLOS ONE (2022)

Madeira Carlos

The evolution of macroprudential policy use in Chile, Latin America and the OECD

Journal of Banking Regulation (2022)

Madeira Carlos

The effects of the job retention program during the Covid pandemic on the Chilean firms and households

Applied Economics Letters (2022)

Madeira Carlos

The double impact of deep social unrest and a pandemic: Evidence from Chile

Canadian Journal of Economics (2022)

Madeira Carlos

R codes for JMVA-D-21-00195

Working Paper (2022)

Najarzadeh Dariush


Zip Archive




Partial identification of non-linear peer effects models with missing data

Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics (2022)

Madeira Carlos