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The Empirical Cross Gramian for Parametrized Nonlinear Systems

By Himpe Christian and Ohlberger Mario
Proceedings of the 8th Vienna International Conference on Mathematical Modelling (2015)

  • Christian Himpe

    University of Münster



January 21, 2015

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January 21, 2015










Combined State and Parameter Reduction

Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (2014)

Himpe Christian and Ohlberger Mario

Comparing (Empirical-Gramian-Based) Model Order Reduction Algorithms

Working Paper (2020)

Himpe Christian

Normal forms and invariant manifolds for nonlinear, non-autonomous PDEs, viewed as ODEs in infinite dimensions

Working Paper (2019)

Hochs Peter and Roberts A.J.

New integer-order approximations of discrete-time non-commensurate fractional-order systems using the cross Gramian

Advances in Computational Mathematics (2019)

Rydel Marek

On Empirical System Gramians

Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (2019)

Grundel Sara, Himpe Christian, and Saak Jens

Cross-Gramian-Based Dominant Subspaces

Advances in Computational Mathematics (2019)

Benner Peter and Himpe Christian

On Reduced Input-Output Dynamic Mode Decomposition

Advances in Computational Mathematics (2018)

Himpe Christian, Benner Peter, and Mitchell Tim

Fast Low-Rank Empirical Cross Gramians

Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (2017)

Himpe Christian, Leibner Tobias, Rave Stephan, and Saak Jens

emgr - The Empirical Gramian Framework

Algorithms (2018)

Himpe Christian

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