Parareal in Time Intermediate Targets Methods for Optimal Control Problems

By Mohamed Kamel Riahi, Maday Yvon, and Julien salomon
International Series of Numerical Mathematics (2013)

  • Mohamed Kamel Riahi

    New Jersey Institute of Technology


  • Yvon Maday

    Université Pierre et Marie Curie


  • Salomon Julien

    Ceremade, University Paris Dauphine



November 7, 2013

Last update

August 24, 2015










In order to use the code, you need to install FreeFem++ first in order to run the code mpirun -np $nb_of_processor FreeFem++-mpi my_code.cpp The code automatically recognizes the partition for parallel computing. Variable could be easily changed in the main source. this work is related to the project :

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