Alexis Akira Toda

University of California San Diego


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Is Gibrat's "Economic Inequality" Lognormal?

Empirical Economics (2019)

Akhundjanov Sherzod and Toda Alexis Akira

Data‑based Automatic Discretization of Nonparametric Distributions

Computational Economics (2020)

Toda Alexis Akira

Wealth Distribution with Random Discount Factors

Journal of Monetary Economics (2019)

Toda Alexis Akira

Huggett Economies with Multiple Stationary Equilibria

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (2017)

Toda Alexis Akira

Securitized Markets, International Capital Flows, and Global Welfare

Journal of Financial Economics (2019)

Phelan Gregory and Toda Alexis Akira

Growth Effects of Annuities and Government Transfers in Perpetual Youth Models

Journal of Mathematical Economics (2017)

Miyoshi Yoshiyuki and Toda Alexis Akira

Edgeworth Box Economies with Multiple Equilibria

Economic Theory Bulletin (2017)

Toda Alexis Akira and James Kieran

A Note on the Size Distribution of Consumption: More Double Pareto than Lognormal

Macroeconomic Dynamics (2017)

Toda Alexis Akira