On the Monetary Impact of Fashion Design Piracy

By Appel Gil, Libai Barak, and Muller Eitan
International Journal of Research in Marketing (2018)

  • Gil Appel

    USC Marshall



July 25, 2018

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July 25, 2018










The R code "Estimating_Apparel" and "Estimating_Handbags" is for estimating the parameters of the fashion items model, as discussed in Section 4.3 and Table 1 of the paper. The files have the model used for estimation "fashionsopt2" and the simulated annealing estimation. The actual fashion sales data is proprietary and cannot be uploaded. "Draw Simulation Parameters" is an R code to draw the parameters for the simulation in the paper, as discussed in section 4.3 and Table 2 of the paper. "NPV Simulation" MATLAB file, calculates the NPV for the 5 scenarios as shown in section 3.3 of the paper.

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